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Having Your Home Shown But You Have Pets? Here's What You Should Do

February 6, 2018 | By Shanna Day

So your real estate agent calls about showing your home to a potential buyer. Ideally, you're away from your home when this happens so your agent can do their thing. But what if you happen to have pets? Hopefully, you've taken precautions and made the following arrangements regarding your pet to help your chances with getting your home sold on this particular showing.

1. Put your pet in a contained space - Be sure you inform your agent beforehand if you'll be having a pet left at home in a cage, carrier or crate. A "Do Not Disturb" note attached to your pet's temporary shelter might work, too. While this is fine for some cats and other smaller pets, dogs and other animals might not be too keen with their temporary condition and become very, very vocal about it. (Having strangers at home is also enough reason for them to bark the entire showing- or turn the most precious of cats feral!) Better if you put them in an area where the agent and buyer won't spend too much time, like the garage or the basement. Hopefully your pet's attention span lets something like a new toy or a long lasting treat keep them preoccupied during the showing but if not...

2. Remove your pet from the property - Letting them roam your backyard doesn't count. If you have a dog, you might think you can get away with just securing them but why not take this as a good opportunity to take your pet for a walk. If you're not able to do this because say, you're away at work, have a relative, friend or neighbor take your pet out for you. Or have them stay over at their home if that's fine with them- or maybe even at a kennel. This is a much better setup especially if you're having multiple showings or an Open House.

3. Set specific showing times - Obviously, you and your agent have already agreed to no last minute showings. Take advantage of the time your agent's notice gives you to secure or make arrangements for your pet.


Your Realtor intends to sell your home with each and every showing so it is important to have it prepared to sell each time. You certainly don’t want to discourage a buyer with an unintended distraction or anything that makes them uncomfortable while your home is being shown. Pets are considered family and good for emotional health but when it comes to selling your home, they might not be able to help much in getting you top dollar... or even get a buyer to make an offer at all!

Having Your Home Shown But You Have Pets? Here's What You Should Do