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Protecting Yourself From Wire Fraud Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

February 6, 2018 | By Shanna Day

With wire fraud especially email based schemes on the rise, you might not be able to help but wonder about the most effective ways to protect your personal information, or the complexities of setting it up. Well fighting fraud doesn't have to be too complicated as pointed out to us by Charissa McCarron, Account Manager at First American Title. One of the best ways to protect your confidential information happens to also be the simplest.
Multi-Factor Authentication requires a user to pass several authentication stages to gain access to the account with one stage usually involving something you know, like a password or PIN, and another involving something on hand, like a phone or a card. You might've already come across multi-factor authentication with one of your accounts based on some of the examples below:
-Passwords (use strong passwords that don't include personal or public information)
-Answers to security questions
-Selection of a pre-determined image
-PIN entry
-Biometric information (e.g. fingerprints, voice recognition)
-"Tokens" possessed by the account holder such as a card, wireless tag or USB
-Code sent to email or phone

If your email or bank account doesn't seem to require multi-factor authentication, you might want to check your account settings and enable it from there.


Special thanks to Charissa for the great tip and reminder on multi-factor authentication. In addition to facilitating and streamlining their client's transactions and protecting their investment, First American Title is dedicated to protecting their client's personal information. Feel free to contact and ask Charissa through her details below on how they protect confidential information and foster a secure transaction.

Charissa McCarron
Account Manager
CELL 480.888.6657

Protecting Yourself From Wire Fraud Doesn't Have To Be Complicated...