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Sell Your Home Fast & For Top Dollar w/ Home Staging & RE Photography!

February 9, 2018 | By Shanna Day

Home staging and real estate photography go hand in hand in helping your home sell quick and at the most ideal price. By improving a home's appeal to make it more warm and inviting while realistically representing the space it offers, it increases its chances of getting sold by attracting the highest number of potential buyers. But what exactly do you need to do to prep your home in its most appealing condition before the photographer comes in? Below are some tips to help stage your home and get the best possible results out of the shoot.


General Living Areas and Recreational Rooms

-Declutter and remove the following items: mail, newspaper, magazines, personal items such as photos, power leads, extra cables, exercise equipment, toys, fans and all signs of pets (bowls, beds, chew toys, crates, litter boxes, etc.), garbage and recycle cans
-Clean your windows inside and out and remove solar screens/shades
-Check for burnt out light bulbs and replace light bulbs with matching colors (warm preferred)
-Turn off TV and put remotes away  
-Turn off and clean ceiling fan
-Arrange DVDs, games, books neatly in shelves
-Walls look better when they are not bare so use non-personal pictures
-Vacuum carpets and clean hardwood floors


Kitchen and Dining Areas

-Remove all small appliances, all objects from fridge (e.g. magnets, photos), detergents, dish clothes, dish rack, tea towels, drain plugs, garbage and recycle cans out of sight
-Clean all dishes, back splashes, range hoods and large appliances especially if stainless steel
-Put away all dishes unless you're opting to set the dining table
-Check if range hood lights are working



-Make all beds
-De-clutter toys, books, games, tissue boxes
-Remove all personal items, clothes and posters / stickers from walls
-Check if bedside lamps are working

Bathrooms / Powder Rooms
-Remove all toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, face washes, razors, medications, toys, scales, bins, toilet cleaning utensils, plungers, etc.
-Ensure glass and mirrors are spotless
-Ensure towels are nice and matching
-Make sure toilet paper roll is full
-Close all toilet lids


Outside Areas
-Mow the lawn, trim hedges and shrubs, rake up leaves and sticks, tidy garden and pull weeds
-Sweep driveway and paved areas
-Remove all cars, boats, campers, trailers, bikes, toys, gardening equipment etc.
-Open patio umbrellas and put cushions on patio furniture

Pool Areas
-Make sure pool is clean
-Remove all pool cleaning equipment and all pool toys


With that said, it bears mentioning these items again especially as these are the ones you shouldn't overlook for the shoot:

1. Windows - The most difficult things to shoot for photographers. Ensure windows are cleaned inside and out and solar screens/shades are removed.
2. Light bulbs - Be sure to have your agent check your light bulbs and that their colors match.
3. Patio/Outdoor Living Areas - Transform this area to an outdoor living or dining room by staging with colorful drinks and glasses, even colorful pillows and green plants.


60 minutes before the photo shoot, be sure you run through this checklist:

-Set the dining table (optional)
-Turn on all lights and open all blinds and window coverings to make room appear brighter and larger
-Turn off ceiling fans and TV
-Put children and pets away
-Ensure vehicles can’t be seen (front of house should be clear of cars)


It will take about an hour upwards for the average day shoot depending on the size of the property and the package you choose.


On the other hand, Twilight and Night shoots take much longer and cost more due to the magazine ready quality of the photos delivered. Very technical in nature, achieving the best results possible for a Twilight and Night shoot requires a high attention to detail with lighting as the biggest priority. Be on the lookout for what isn't working so repairs and replacements can be done ahead of time. Otherwise, the shoot will be done as is. Additionally, photographers charge for the added time due to delays because of the location not being ready.

Special thanks to Aaron Eriksson of Media Monster for these invaluable Real Estate Pre-Shoot Checklist. Need to do a photo shoot to help sell your home in Arizona? Call Aaron at 520-431-0366 today!

Sell Your Home Fast & For Top Dollar w/ Home Staging & RE Photography!